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***Closing Reception***
Friday, September 23

Wabi Sabi Warehouse
a Multiplexitude of Work from Various Artists

MAPS (to Nevada?)
Opening Reception
**Friday, September 2**

This exhibit features a collection of work from both local and alien artists who have interpreted the notion of Mapmaking in their own way. This call for work was inspired by the Art and Thought of Robert Delford Brown ("Bob"), founder of The First National Church of the Exquisite Panic, Inc. Bob said, "Many religions teach how to get to Nirvana. They all give very complicated directions. The First National Church of the Exquisite Panic, Inc tells you how to get to Nevada. It sounds close and it's simple. You take a bus!"

Bob was a good friend of Wabi Sabi and a former resident of Wilmington before making his ephemeral departure in March, 2009 to the Nevada in the Exquisite dimension. Over the years, Bob made lots of Maps to Nevada and encouraged his followers to make whatever they wanted, too.

One piece of special note included in in this exhibit is a collaborative work by the children of SOLA, created under the direction of Isabel Heblich. During his stay in Wilmington, Bob visited SOLA and let the kids paint his car. (I suspect he also taught them one of the commandments of his Church, namely, Don't Eat Cars.) After his Final Departure, Isabel visited these same kids and they created their own aptly titled "Map to Nevada" in memoriam of Bob, his life, and his Generous art. We approach this exhibit with the same feeling.

Fritzi Huber will be on-hand at the Opening Reception assisting willing participants in navigating their internal landscapes. Just choose an organ to be ballpoint tattooed on your body. Directions to said location, whether by arrow or word, will accompany the image. Gina Gambony will use her Exquisite mystic powers to identify items inside your body you never knew about that can also be included in your body map tattoo.

We expect 20+ works of art from the following list of inspired folk, give or take a few, although as Bob would say, "Who? Knows!" The works are being collected directly prior to the Opening Reception and a final list of participants will be updated right here.

Web Connections
Bob's Church:

Maps (to Nevada?) Artists Submitting:
Benjamin Billingsly
Elsie Ridings Boyce
Todd Carignan
Breta Cecile Carnes
Michelle Connolly
Alice Corl
Saralyn Twiggy Earp
Jude Eden
Gina Gambony
Taylor Goodell
Barbara Hause
Diane Hause
Isabel Heblich/SOLA
Mark Herbert
Niki Hildebrand
Fritzi Huber
Saben Kane
Donna Moore
Nicolle Nicolle
Blair Nidds
Greg Patch
Veronica Plankers
Dindy Reich
Colleen Ringrose
Tatyana Shelley
Billy Stewart
Erin Tetterton

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