Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Woven Tree for Durham EarthDay

Wabi Sabi Warehouse resident artist Dan Brawley recently completed a micro-residency at Duke University to prepare for the upcoming Durham EarthDay Festival. On April 19, Brawley will be performing as the artist-in-residence for the festival in Durham's Central Park. The artist invites everyone to weave old wires and cables into a "Woven Tree" of recycled techno-garbage. Anyone can participate. Bring wires and be ready to weave and warp and weft.

What kind of wires? Just about anything! Old phone cords, vcr cables, television cables, old extension cords, romex, ethernet cable, internet wires, speaker cable and anything over 2 feet long that can be woven. Bring stuff with you to Durham Central Park and help make art. Everyone is an artist!