Friday, February 12, 2010


BOBSALE! A silent auction from the Estate of Robert Delford Brown
A sale for the future of all beings and an event full of questions like Who? Knows!

In the chasm of afterness left by the great leader Robert Delford Brown's journey into the future, the First National Church of the Equisite Panic is liquidating sacred objects of all kinds. This one day only, cash-is-still-cash event is a "hand holding hands" communion sponsored by Independent Art Company and held at the sacred portal of Wabi Sabi Warehouse. Journey through the holy chalice of Pharblongence with your check or cash or money order, because we do not accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diner's Club, Medicaid, or IOUs.
A silent (hush, hush SHUT-UP!) auction containing artworks from the estate of Robert Delford Brown will be held on Saturday, February 20th, at Wabi Sabi Warehouse, 19 North 9th Street, from 11am-4pm. Auction items include Mirrored Mandalas, Ikonomobiles, Gluings, Maps to Nevada, Ephemera, and other artworks from the estate.
Absentee bids will be accepted via telephone at 910-599-0476 or via email:
All absentee bids must be received by 2:37 pm on Saturday, February 20th, 2010.
All shipping, packing, storing, and geographic dislocations will be the responsibility of the buyer. All sales will be final, and artwork must be picked up at Wabi Sabi Warehouse on or before February 27th, 2010.
For more information about Robert Delford Brown, visit
For more information than you can handle, visit the internet now!
For hi-res photographs and further information about the works in the auction, contact Dan Brawley via telephone 910-599-0476 or on the interwebs at

Monday, February 1, 2010

Artist Seeks Fabric

Artist seek fabric: Any color, any type for LARGE weaving project. LIKE WOW! One yard lengths or bigger, please. Drop off at Wabi Sabi Warehouse, 19 North 9th Street or email to arrange to pick up. Thanks!