Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Opening: How Things Grow

Reception 4th Friday, June 24
with Jesse from "The Bear Romantic"!

"How Things Grow"
by Kate Sinclair & Meredith Connelly
Saturday, June 4
Installations, Sculptures, Paintings, Ceramic Works
Wabi Sabi Warehouse, 9th & Princess

On the Web: Kate Sinclair

I am getting really excited about this opening! Kate and Meredith have a vision for this coordinated display of work, so much of it is about LIGHT-light as energy (that cannot be created or destroyed), the primeval experience of light at birth, the way light affects color, Reflection, the organic progression of living things toward the light...simultaneously, this work is informed by the natural world, the cyclical/circular patterns of living/dying and the natural movement and patterns of light and shadow. WoW! This is not just a display of the works of two different artists with two different ideas set side by side, but a cooperative venture that has been created through the sharing of ideas. Kate's work is primarily painting (check out her website, link above), while Meredith brings glowing installations inspired by nature. And there's other stuff too, I just can't wait to see it all. Join us for the opening, let's see what they're up to.

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