Monday, October 5, 2009

Nature Wars by Abby Spangel Perry- a small group of paintings with a big story

Nature Wars by Abby Spangel Perry is a small group of paintings with a big story. It is a cautionary tale that speaks to our current relationship with the environment. What unfolds through a series of children’s story book style images is a visual account of the abuses against nature experienced through the eyes of a few little bunnies and their choice to stand up to the rats that are at the bottom of the situation. These bunnies face many of the same issues we as a society experience every day. In the end, we all must “draw our own conclusions” and through an interactive piece viewers of Nature Wars are asked to do just that. What solution do you have to offer?
Nature Wars is a series of mixed media drawings/paintings, sound, and interactive art.
The show is the direct result of the luxury of studio space provided through a 2008-2009 NC Arts Council Regional Artist Grant.
Opening reception with the artist: Friday November 6, 7-9pm
Exhibition on view: November 5 through December 13th, 2009

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