Monday, April 28, 2008

Birth Art Opening

You've all been there, in one way or another. A grapefruit being pushed through a lemon-sized opening. Buy have you seen it represented in art? Wabi Sabi Warehouse and Cape Fear Area Doulas invite you to an opening reception for "BIRTH", a juried exhibition honoring the miracle and mystery of birth.

Thursday, May 22, 6-9pm
Wabi Sabi Warehouse, 19 North 9th Street

Created through both male and female perspectives, works on display celebrate mothers, fathers, pregnancy and birth. "Birth" acknowledges the raw, homest and spontaneous, much like birth itself. This art exhibition includes works by local professionals in the birthing community, including: "Placenta Print," a pair of cement "Squattin' Stones" and a bright yellow knit "Lemon Vulva." Also among the 20 selected-artists are sculptor Paul Hill, metalsmith Kee Wilde-Ramsing, painter Abby Perry, photographer Arrow Ross, and filmmaker Bo Webb.

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